Mint Selection – 120g℮


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Dark Mint Crisp

Dark chocolate with crispy mint pieces – Ingredients:*Cocoa butter,Sugar,*Cocoa solids,*Peppermint extract (*Sunflower oil, *Peppermint oil),*Pink Himalayan Salt – 57% Cocoa Mass – Typical 583kcal per 100g

Milk Mint

Mint flavoured milk chocolate – Ingredients: Sugar,*Cocoa butter,*Cocoa solids,Whole milk powder,Vanilla,*Peppermint extract (Sunflower oil, Peppermint oil) *Pink Himalayan Salt – 42% cocoa mass – Typical 582kcal per 100g

Dark Mint Cream

64% dark  chocolate with mint fondant filling – Ingredients: *Cocoa butter, Sugar, *Cocoa solids,Mint fondant (40% Sugar, Water,*Peppermint extract (*Sunflower oil, *Peppermint oil)Corn Starch)Vanilla,*Pink Himalayan Salt – 38% Cocoa Mass – Typical 491kcal per 100g

All varieties may contain traces of Nuts, Gluten, Milk

Store cool & dry

Best Before: 6 months (from production) minimum 3 months

*Organic ingredients


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