About Us

First it was a hobby, now, it’s serious.

It all started when founder and owner Niki received some chocolate making ingredients for Christmas a few years ago and she made sweets and bars for friends and family.

When people started asking if they could buy more, Niki knew she was doing something right. The rest is history.

Here at Less is More Chocolate, we believe that using simple, cleaner ingredients make for a better chocolate experience that’s also better for you, so you won’t find any words you can’t pronounce in the ingredients list. 

All our chocolate is made from scratch to Niki’s own recipes and refined using her own methods, using only organic cocoa and contains no added fats, emulsifiers, E numbers or preservatives. You won’t find any callets in the Less is More kitchen. We don’t just melt it, we make it.

Even the crunchy toffee and roasted hazelnut and chocolate praline are made by hand from scratch to Niki’s recipes.

Once made, the bars are hand foil wrapped and labelled with care in recyclable packaging.

Owner & founder Niki



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